We’re excited to announce that Berkeley Lights and IsoPlexis are moving forward together as PhenomeX, a premier functional cell biology company.

About PhenomeX
The Functional Cell Biology Company

PhenomeX is empowering scientists to leverage the full potential of each cell and drive the next era of functional cell biology to advance human health. We enable scientists to reveal the most complete insights on cell function and obtain a full view of the behavior of each cell. Our unique suite of proven high-throughput tools and services offer unparalleled resolution and speed, accelerating the insights that are key to advancing discoveries that can profoundly improve the prevention and treatment of disease. Our award winning platforms are used by researchers across the globe, including those at the top 15 global pharmaceutical companies and approximately 85% of leading U.S. comprehensive cancer centers.

Board of Directors
Greg Lucier
Board Chairperson
Jessica Hopfield, Ph.D.
Board Member
Elizabeth Nelson
Board Member
Michael Moritz
Board Member
James Rothman, Ph.D.
Board Member
Igor Khandros, Ph.D.
Board Member, Co-Founder Berkeley Lights
John Chiminski
Board Member
Peter Silvester
Board Member
Siddhartha Kadia, Ph.D.
Board Member, Chief Executive Officer
Leadership Team
Siddhartha Kadia, Ph.D.
Board Member, Chief Executive Officer
Mehul Joshi
Chief Financial Officer
Rolando Brawer, Ph.D.
Chief Business Officer
Scott Chaplin
Chief Legal Officer
Lucas Vitale
Chief Human Resources Officer
Yan Zhang, Ph.D.
Chief Commercial Officer
Sean Mackay
Chief Product Officer
Eric Hobbs, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President, Global Operations & Business Transformation
Suzanne Hatcher
SVP, Communications & Investor Relations